Dott.ssa Irene Ratti

Psychologist and psychotherapist with relational systemic approach.
Conducts clinical taking charge individual, family and couple, it leads groups of parents and children, and also offers training and supervision. It specializes in couples therapy that is based on the Systemic Model integrated to Attachment Theory and Therapy Focus on Emotions (EFT). He is Head of the Service Management and an affiliate of the family CTA. Coordinates the Family Conflict Mediation Service and Support for separations, and the Course of Family Mediation Systemic. And 'teacher of the School of Specialization in Psychotherapy IRIS.

The counseling service and couples therapy was created to respond to needs and diverse needs of couples in difficulty. It aims to improve the relationship between the couple allowing partners to increase communication and mutual understanding. Therapy can help address a couple's relationship problems and unsatisfactory and change the negative cycles that generate suffering.